Терраса Atlas

Терраса Atlas

Организация мероприятий

Организация мероприятий

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Ресторан Atlas

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Branded products


Sweet treat would be the best surprise and gift for any celebration. The original, colorful and, most importantly, delicious cake will not only surprise any guest, but will be a central table decoration and culmination of the evening.


We are pleased to introduce a unique brand dessert of Atlas restaurant – cakes Shoo!
Custard éclairs with a light lemon cream give you not only a great pleasure, but also aesthetic delight. Lemon fondant with lemon peel in addition to lemon-vanilla cream makes an impression of ideal air duet!


Each year the restaurant complex Atlas produces branded music CD with excellent music selection and presents it to our guests.
We know that among our guests, there are those who collect our CD and are looking forward to the new release. Very soon, we will present you a new qualitative CD, and now we offer to remember how it all began.

Atlas Art Collection 2007 (Dinner & Party Mixes)
Atlas Trend Collection 2008 (Dinner & Party Mixes)
Atlas Love Collection 2010 (Dinner & Party Mixes)
Atlas World Sound Collection 2011 (Dinner & Party Mixes)
Atlas Styles Collection 2012 (Lounge & Dance Mixes)
Atlas Collection 2013 (Dinner & Dance Mixes)
Atlas Collection 2014 (Lounge & Dance Mixes)